What happens when you take a personal giving practice and invite your circle of friends to join you in a challenge to give in some way to one person each day?

That's the question that giver and super-connector Darrah Brustein asked herself, thus inspiring her to ask her community to participate in this challenge. Tickled by the idea that her belief in the power of giving could expand exponentially by the web effect of a network.

Within 24 hours, over 200 people from all over the world joined in and began to share the beautiful stories of what unfolded when they asked the simple question, "How can I help you today?". 

We invite you to shift your focus to others for just a few minutes a day and join us in this #GiveItForward challenge. 

Here is a video and an article Darrah created on this experiment which she practiced independently for years that shed more light on the context and outcomes. 

Join us in our goal to have 1,000,000 people committed to #GiveItFoward!


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